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Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for February 21, 2018

Operation Disclosure https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/ RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - February 21, 2018 All HAARP repeaters located...

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for February 21, 2018

Operation Disclosure

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - February 21, 2018

All HAARP repeaters located in Wyoming were successfully destroyed.

The Cabal's attempt to set off Yellowstone Caldera was thwarted.

Several dark energy field emitters were also destroyed in the process near and around Yellowstone National Park.

Alliance Ghost Teams obtained further documents from one of the hidden underground Cabal outposts before they were all destroyed.

These documents revealed the location of another outpost under Torc Mountain, Ireland.

The documents also included construction plans of another portal gate at this outpost.

The Alliance have dispatched Ghost Teams to the location in Ireland.

The wild goose chase continues.

The collapse of the financial system remains imminent.

Whether the Cabal have been totally neutralized or not, the Alliance will release the RV if the financial system is about to collapse.

The finger is on the trigger for the RV release. Ready to replace the old financial system with the new quantum financial system at a moments notice.

Geopolitical Changes: Trump, the Reset, Fake Debt, and More

Trump and the Reset

Fake debt owed to the Banks must be defaulted on

Geopolitical changes that have taken place:

The Reset

In 1871 the bogus US monetary system was formed under US Inc. and in 1913 linked to their Federal Reserve that was connected to Central Banks across the globe, all of which was owned by the Rothschild Cabal.

The Bank of England was the primary bank of the old Cabal system, with all monies funnelled through the Vatican before coming back where governments were forced to borrow it in order to funnel all people’s tax monies into cabal coffers.

By 1932, the Federal Reserve had printed so much fiat currency that the USA Inc. was bankrupt and off the gold standard. The fiat system lasted from 1913 to 2012 when the US defaulted, with the Chinese as their primary creditor.

The new US Republic takes America back to the original Constitution and their own asset-backed currency controlled by a benevolent AIIB system of the Chinese Elders.

The complete global currency revaluation is a critical component to the future of this planet. The fulfilment depends on a level playing field that will unfold as the RV happens.

Each country has to become financially stable in its own economy and trade elements with other countries. This will be accomplished, as the RV will be the catalyst for this change.

Even the cabal mafia of the world has backed down when they found out the true scope of controls that have been placed on the RV-process. The WDS has installed huge controls on the money, and there is no way that it will be misused due to all the intel they have acquired to date. We, the people will emerge from the slimes of the slump and wade through to get things on track and clean our house.

Once the new financial system is in place, all currencies will be switched from fiat to gold asset-backed currency.

All RV funds will be protected under the new financial system which is being hosted on a quantum computer. This quantum computer was mainly built by Chinese engineering teams in collaboration with other Alliance members’ engineering teams. Bankers will not be able to access any of these funds without permission from the Global Collateral Accounts Supervisors.

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"Calm Before the Storm" - Wed. AM KTFA Thoughts/News


Manu68 » February 21st, 2018

So quiet

4Cash » February 21st, 2018

Calm before the STORM!!!!

Kimbu » February 21st, 2018

there is really nothing left to say. we won. now we just have to grind out the time until the RI.

Wn3 » February 21st, 2018

Still waiting for the Fat Lady to waddle up to the stage. Clearing her throat doesn't cut it. I want to see her mount the stage.

AnotherMailman » February 21st, 2018

Sooo! Next month Abadi is having a follow up meeting with the countries that pledged the 30 billion dollars at the Kuwaiti conference. Hopefully, he says, "look, I stuck up to my end of the bargain. Now, show me the money!" Que Tom Cruise, lol!

WMB1979 » February 21st, 2018

So the big question is are they going to meet with the investors at the beginning of March and say we did the RI let's sign some investor contracts. or be the procrastination kings they are and say we really really promise with sugar on top that we are going to RI soon. Time will tell. -If I was the investor I would walk if the latter.

Tim » February 21st, 2018

gm kona,so a week from tommorow we march into march. tick tock tick tock mr.prime minister.

Doodlebug » February 21st, 2018

Article: “Abadi offers the Lebanese president a vision of Iraq for the future of the region”

Love how much the language has changed when talking about Iraq. "The Vision of the FUTURE", "Trade EXCHANGES", "enhancing bilateral COOPERATION" ... etc. So much better than reading about the evil actions of DAASH/ISIS. You go Iraq, go ahead and LAUNCH because YOU WON!

Samson » February 21st, 2018

Rafidain settle the salaries of Anbar health staff to receive their salaries electronically

2018/2/21 8:12

Announced Rafidain Bank, the resettlement of salaries of employees of the Department of Health of Anbar province to receive monthly salaries electronically.

"The salaries of employees of Anbar Health Department have been settled to receive their monthly salaries through an electronic payment tool instead of manual cash," the bank's information office said in a statement received by the agency All Iraq.

He pointed out that "this step has several advantages for the employee, including access to advances and loans granted by the bank, like the employees of some ministries and other state institutions that receive monthly salaries from the bank, as well as it reduces the risk of theft and robbery when transferring money manually LINK

Social welfare benefits are paid to more than 1,000 beneficiaries in Nineveh

2018/2/20 21:15

Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Mohammed Shiaa al-Sudani, announced the release of social welfare salaries for more than 1000 beneficiaries in Nineveh.

A statement issued by his office, received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today that "the salaries were paid to the 1000 and 242 beneficiaries in Nineveh after the completion of security verification procedures."

He called on beneficiaries to "check the outlets for receipt" LINK

Don961 » February 21st, 2018

Thanks sam .... oh my ... seems CBI Gov Ali Mohsen has hired himself some cheerleaders ... another article touting what a terrific job the CBI has done holding and even increasing the value of the IQD .... even with all the turmoil of ridding the country of Daesh ... perhaps Mr. Alak is pushing for a permanent position once we see the RI ...

Nevertheless ... more and more articles now appearing talking about the dinar and its value ... imo

Samson » February 21st, 2018

Merry of Iraqi dinar

Date 21/02/2018

Zaid Al - Halli

I did not find anyone addressing the phenomenon of the decline in the dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar recently, or pointed to the important role and the president of the Central Bank of Iraq in achieving this event. Which reflected positively on the Iraqi market through the return of life of the Iraqi dinar, and his recovery significantly, which helped to expand the positive situation in society, despite the difficult circumstances left by the effects of the battle of liberation against Daqash, and the search for reconstruction and the requirements of the campaign Which witnessed the provinces ..

The Central Bank of Iraq work mechanism during the last period, which led to a decline in the exchange rate clearly and to low levels even in the black market, and this decline has a positive impact on inflation and enhance the value of the Iraqi dinar significantly, The equivalent of 4% in favor of the Iraqi dinar, and with this effort by the Central Bank, we find that the societal sensing, an exercise open to all and study does not require special training or complex exercises, but you need simple skills can be acquired by a little National self-effort,

And to a strategic sense in its questions and in its practice and any poverty at this level is inevitably reflected on its offer, provided that the goal is to provide a security and security umbrella for the community, and the Iraqi individual good luck steps of the Central Bank of Iraq, which made the Iraqi dinar, re-Baha in the currency market ..

Financial, and the strength of the Iraqi dinar aim to reduce the systemic risks that have emerged with the importance of recurring financial crises. The IMF defines systemic risks as the risk of discontinuing the provision of financial services resulting from the disruption of one or all sectors of the financial system (financial markets or banking sector) which leads to financial infection among the financial sectors as a whole.

The Central Bank has confirmed in its steps the ability of the financial system to Acting as a financial intermediary and source of the necessary financial liquidity in a reasonable balance, to drive economic growth smoothly The Central Bank has shown that knowing the daily and non-daily suffering of citizens and seeking to overcome their difficulties is more characteristic of those who deal with responsibility, And congratulations to all the colleagues who write in the financial and economic affairs .. The steps of the Central Bank, which was conducted quietly, and silently able without statements and statements .. deserve praise and blessing .. link

Get1Later » February 21st, 2018

If prices have dropped THIS MUCH, could it be theirs a RATE CHANGE (SOMEWHERE IN IRAQ) NOT BEING REPORTED OUTSIDE the Country???

I'm Just Sayin' .....

Iraqi Ministry of Communications reduces Internet prices by 50%

February 21, 2018

The Ministry of Communications announced that it will reduce the prices of Internet capacity to its contracting companies by 50%.

Ministry of Communications spokesman Hazem Mohammed said in a press statement that the Ministry of Communications has begun implementing its plan to reduce the prices of old or newly added Internet capacity by 50% for companies contracting with the General Company for Telecommunications and the General Company for the services of the International Information Network, Current in Internet services.

He added that the ministry hopes to reflect this new price policy on the beneficiaries, and that there is improvement and efficiency in the level of services provided to all citizens and government institutions.


Doodlebug » February 21st, 2018

How can Iraq do this with handcuffs on? All the opinion pieces that are coming out lately are sharing "forward" thinking... the language has changed...

Don961 » February 21st, 2018

Iraqi move to join the Asian Bank

21/2/2018 12:00 am

Baghdad / Mustafa Al Hashemi

Iraq is moving to become an observer in the Asian Investment Bank for infrastructure to participate in the reconstruction of cities devastated by terrorism after figures showed the amounts, which resulted from the Kuwait Conference for the reconstruction of Iraq, insufficient to meet the needs of the reconstruction of destroyed cities .

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) was established in 2014 as a US $ 50 billion international bank with more than 35 non-US contributory countries based in Beijing.

The Financial and Banking Advisor to the Prime Minister Dr. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh in a statement to the "morning" on the existence of a formal move in this regard to join the Asian Bank for investment in infrastructure, explaining that "the economic and financial conditions that passed in the country in 2014 prevented the accession of Iraq at the time to this bank, A few million dollars. "

Participation and membership

"If Iraq had the necessary funds to join, he would have entered as a contributing member to another group of countries," he said, adding that the decline in oil prices to very low rates and the emergence of a " .

"We are now moving from Iraq to enter as an observer," he said. "We hope that this year will witness the end of the procedures for joining the Asian Investment Bank in the infrastructure for the reconstruction of cities and the establishment of good infrastructure for Iraq General".

He said that "as much as the funds contributed by the countries in the Asian Bank to invest in infrastructure, they in turn receive contributions from loans and grants to meet the need of their countries for reconstruction and the construction of infrastructure." ​

Terms of accession

Saleh stressed "the absence of obstacles to the accession of Iraq to this bank, noting that the requirements of loans IMF and the World Bank does not include restrictions on joining the Asian Bank to invest in infrastructure."

The current period calls for concerted international and domestic efforts to rebuild the cities devastated by terrorism because Iraq fought a war on behalf of the world through a campaign to fight the terrorist "terrorist" organization.

Kuwait's reconstruction conference ended last week without reaching the target of $ 88 billion, which was estimated to be sufficient to rebuild the cities devastated by terrorism. The results resulted in the allocation of $ 30 billion in loans and investments to donor countries participating in the conference.

Internal borrowing

In this regard, Falah Hassan Thueni the process of borrowing from the internal external borrowing and in accordance with a particular arrangement of deliberate measures to exploit the surpluses of funds in local banks and employment in the process

The ages

He added in an interview for "Sabah" that foreign investments require the presence of several factors do not require much of the local counterpart, "noting" the need to allocate projects of economic feasibility commensurate with the volume of excess liquidity in banks rather than external borrowing."

Correct contexts

The success of the financing of reconstruction projects requires the existence of effective banks and has the ability to finance productive loans instead of the launch of loans called individual loans lost, "he said, adding that" success also requires the development of plans for the establishment of strategic projects related to infrastructure by adopting sound working contexts to support such These productive projects require that the government be a guarantor to her".

"The Iraqi Trade Bank (TBI) is able to finance part of the reconstruction projects of cities destroyed by terrorism," the bank said at a time former". link

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote for February 21, 2018

Because we know that life is eternal, and we know that there is no ending to that which you are about, if one of you is killed in an earthquake or crashes your plane, or any number of other very creative ways you have found to make your exit into the Non-Physical, because we know the whole picture, we grieve not a moment for any of you. But from your more shortsighted point of view in physical, a lot of you grieve tremendously.

Excerpted from El Paso, TX on 2/17/01

Our Love
Esther (Abraham and Jerry)

"Don't be Suckered out of uour Zim" by One Who Has a Thinking Cap On - 2.21.18

Entry Submitted by One Who Has a Thinking Cap On at 10:57 AM EST on February 21, 2018

I really got into this a bit late. I heard about it only in November of 2017. I say that because I have not had the misfortune of being "lulled" into some sort of trance about this RV like most. I can't imagine how 14 years of listening to guru after guru about the RV coming the next day would not cause me to make really bad financial decisions, hence so many saying that they lost their homes, jobs, etc. because they thought it was always right around the corner. This was so successful in creating a space of desperation. Guess what guys? It's really hard to have clarity of mind to make good decisions when you are desperate.

Having said that, I do believe this RV is going to happen very soon. All the signs are there; however, I hope that everyone has their "thinking caps on." This herding (and I use that word deliberately), of people into Redemption Centers sounds like a REALLY good business model for someone who wants to fool the RV masses out of their exchanges. Could these Redemption Centers be where you go to be given 10 million dollars for a note worth 100 Trillion so that they can then turn around and exchange them for their full value at the real banks? Can you say, "Ka-Ching!"

If the Redemption center people are really from the bank, then why do they need a separate center to do these exchanges when they already have thousands of brick and mortar branches all over the world that are already capable of handling the entire population. This is why they chose Tier 1 banks to do this job in the first place, because they have an adequate amount of branches.

If the Redemption centers are NOT the banks (which I highly suspect that they are not), this is why they need to have centers in every district, because they DON'T already have branches in every state. I suspect that when you call those 800 numbers, you will be picked up by whomever owns them...NOT the banks.

Also, these Redemption Centers are not regulated by anything or anyone. They are just someone's business idea. Therefore if they can just get you to sign over your agreement to be suckered, in what they are calling an NDA (your agreement to receive 10 million for a note worth 100 Trillion)...legal mission accomplished. You can't come back and say that you didn't know that you were being suckered. You signed a document saying that you knew.

You see, If you are not doing anything illegal or questionable (simply exchanging money is not illegal or questionable), why do you need to sign an NDA? And how perfect for them is it that "you can't bring the NDA home, you have to sign it right there and then?" Believe me, it is probably going to be so long with such little print, and with such legalese, that you will not understand it, or want to take the time to read it. You will just sign it to get your 10 million, and this is what they are hoping for.

A woman brought something like this up on one of the guru calls and was promptly cut off. Hmmmmm. If those redemption centers have a BIG sign outside saying, HSBC Redemption Center, or Wells Fargo Redemption center I'll consider going there, right after I confirm it with the corresponding banks.

I must agree with Blue Being who reminds all of us that we are not doing this for the money. Most of us are doing this for the world, and that will take every bit of the Zim dollars that we should be getting in this exchange.

So, these are just my thoughts. Could be right, could be wrong...just beware and do your homework. Don't be fooled.


One Who Has a Thinking Cap On

"To: TM" by Daughter of Terra - 2.21.18

Entry Submitted by Daughter of Terra at 6:52 AM EST on February 21, 2018

In Service,

First. Let me say thank you for taking the time to read my post and for your reply. Thank you.

Secondly, I read your post a number of times. Just to make sure, we are saying the same thing. In the beginning of your post you mentioned all the negative things man-made religion has brought about. And I do agree with you 100%.

But there is something you missed, in my humble opinion. You missed that politics, religion(as we know them) wars and such takes a group to operate. A group of people to make it occur. How can there me a political anything with out a group of people? How can there be a war with only one person on the battle field? That is the corruption. Creating a group that stand for this or that. A person an individual can never cause as much havoc as a group of people can. Which is why in every faction of an agenda there is always a creation of a subset. A group.

An individual cannot start a war or fight one. Here in IDC. There are a bunch of beautiful light beings. Growing and changing and releasing all that is not them. But we are doing it individually its felt and seen collectively. We are not doing it collectively and its felt and seen individually. And therein lies the difference.

Bee's pollinate and cause growth and continued sustainablility for flowers. Large animals eat the flowers. And even larger animals come along and eat them. Each aspect is needed for the growth of everything else. Including the human life.

We are all playing a part in this whole unfolding. Even though as in the example above, The bee's act as a single unit in creation. The purpose and function says so. Within the bee hives there is a further break down if you will of what each bee has to do for the colony. If a single bee doesn't preform its function the colony is at risk of its own distruction. But that is natural.

Creating or rather man-ipulating a person to become part of a subset based on identity, political gains, or money that was created by people or beings with malicious intent is unnatural.

The difference between humans and bees is they don't know that they are doing it for the benefit of the whole. They are doing what they do instinctively. We know that what we are doing serves the whole of humanity. And that what makes this whole ordeal religious in nature. If a bee or an ant could understand that what they did benefited the whole, they too would have a religion.

So the question is can there be a religion without the formation of a group. But can be felt as a group...my answer is yes. Christ thought so. Which is why he had so many issues with religion as it was being taught. It was not natural. Devoid personal growth and personal responsibility. And personal accountability.

In my humble opinion. The group think perversion that infiltrated religion was the cause of wars and all other atrocities done becoming man-made religion. But there was always people of faith here. In some kind of religion before even wars began. So wars are not created because of religion. Not naturally. But it is one heck of a fall guy. Wars are started by people with ill agendas.

In conclusion, i would just like to say...that there is nature and there is something created by man to simulate what occurs naturally. For example there has always been a sun in the sky. Out of need man came and created lightbulbs so he could see in home at night. Creativity was sparked and now we have black lights and strobe lights. LED's. What I am saying is that I don't mistake the simulation for the natural thing.

I did enjoy your post. And i do thank you for giving me things to contemplate to further my own understanding. I leave you in light, love and infinite abundance.

I AM/Daughter of Terra.

Guest Posts Regarding the RV/GCR & More for Wed. Morning - 2.21.18

This is compilation of all guest posts submitted as of Wednesday Morning, February 21, 2018. All guest posts that are more than 3-5 paragraphs in length, or deemed important, or contains images, or is a response to another post may be considered as a standalone post.

Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted.

Another Note: Arrangement of Guest Posts is top to bottom. Each newly added Guest Post will be at the top rather than at the bottom.


"Follow-up for Ronald"

Entry Submitted by Daughter of Terra at 7:11 AM EST on February 21, 2018

In Service,

Please accept my apology for the late thank you.

Thank you so much for your reply to the responses to my post. I would also like to say thank you for teaching me something. The lesson you taught me is hidden in picture. Can you see it? I await your reply.

"To: Rosestillarose"

Entry Submitted by Daughter of Terra at 7:05 AM EST on February 21, 2018

Thank you, Rosestillarose for taking the time to read my post. I am happy that you got something valueable from it. I look forward to reading your next submission. I just know its gonna be great.

Love, light and infinite abundance to you and your and ours.

I AM/Daughter of Terra.

"Virus Protection!"

Entry Submitted by Ronald Patterson at 5:58 AM EST on February 21, 2018

I feel it may be useful, to have, public, current, clean analyses of "Unconditional Love", added to the dataset.

Ronald Patterson

"Jesus Rising"

Entry Submitted by TM at 2:47 AM EST on February 21, 2018


This throne room, is shaped as a serpents head on an overview and from within the two stained glass Windows give the perception of snake eyes.
No longer my religion.
You can't see this and believe otherwise.
This will soon be over


"Religious Rabbit Hole"

Entry Submitted by TM at 12:47 AM EST on February 21, 2018


Enclosed for those who choose to understand a very small, level of depravity ( understatement) within the church.

Know that as the millennium passed, the source of power utilized by the Archons diminished and required them to utilize more archaic practices of black magic & rites to summon the inter-dimensional beings. ( human torture & sacrifice)

The " cabal" & illuminati are remnants of these satanic nobodies , inbred defective bloodlines trying to keep themselves alive at any cost( what's a human life to them?)


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